Erick at the drums Erick on guitar
I’m a multi-instrumentalist and have been involved with music in one form or another since 1986.

I consider the drums to be my principal instrument but I also played guitars for just as long. I just find drumming easier, more natural to me. I play some bass too, mostly Rush covers, learned a few albums way back.

I’ve been playing piano also for a while now (10 years on and off). I don’t consider myself particularly any good at it, but I’ve been to Vincent D’Indy for a while and learned some classics like Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy, Bach etc. I should spend more time at the piano really, amazing instrument.

I enjoy all kinds of music. I love rock, metal, blues, some jazz and anything progressive (Genesis, Rush, Zappa etc.).

If you need a musician for some studio or live gigs, give me a shout.

I also do my own recording, mixing and mastering as needed, so if you need help with that too, no problem. I used Pro Tools and Studio One in the past but these days I’m mostly with Reaper. I don’t think the choice of DAW matters at all though, they all have some pros and cons.

I don’t have much audio or video to show at the moment, I’ll try to collect a few things and post them here. In the mean time, here’s some tidbits you can hear :

My original metal band (OVIF)
Some classical sketches I’m dabbling with. I have to redo those with better VST’s…

Talk to you soon.